Chorley chef launches his delicious burger meals at the pub

A Chorley chef 's new burger venture - which sprung up as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - is smoking.

Chris and the Smokies team at the Talbot launch. H. Ashton Photography
Chris and the Smokies team at the Talbot launch. H. Ashton Photography

Chris Maughan, who has worked in the catering industry for more than 25 years, has set up Smokies Grill Hut.

After launching at a pub in Preston, Chris, has just moved into Chorley and plans further extensions.

Chris, who lives in Euxton, explained: "When the pandemic hit, I quickly recognised the long term benefits of teaming up with another business.

Smokies' delicious burgers. H. Ashton Photography

"In March I opened the first Smokies Grill Hut with and at The Black Bull in Longton.

"Smokies Grill Hut specialises in filthy burgers, dirty fries and naughty fries - the type of food that is very trendy on social media platforms.

"We operate in partnership with the Black Bull where we provide the food and they provide the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

"Before the pub reopened in May, we provided a takeaway service and experienced three consecutive sell out weekends.

"The branding and social media marketing played a huge role as Smokies Grill Hut was an instant hit with the locals of Longton and we continue to use Instagram and Facebook to target new customers.

"The pub has now reopened and the business is going from strength to strength as customers can opt for either a takeaway or they can eat inside the pub or beer garden."

Chris continued: "The very quick success of our first Smokies Grill Hut has now allowed me to open a second one.

"As I live in Euxton and I know the village very well, I was keen to work with The Talbot as it is located in the heart of the community.

"We have worked very closely with the owners to ensure we have a food menu with lots of choice that would appeal to all people and we have included kids meals in order to attract families.

"We are very proud of what we have created at the Talbot and we hope the local community will visit us to try our delicious menu.

"We firmly believe that a Smokies Grill Hut is what is missing in Euxton and we are hopeful we can replicate the success we have had in Longton."