'The staff there were really lovely': Lancashire reacts to closure of Mamas & Papas in Preston

Preston's Mamas & Papas store was among six to shut on Friday (November 8) after the chain went into administration.

By Paul Berentzen
Saturday, 9th November 2019, 10:01 am
Mamas & Papas in Preston has closed down after the company went into administration (Image: Google Maps)
Mamas & Papas in Preston has closed down after the company went into administration (Image: Google Maps)

News of the closure, and job losses, came as a shock to Lancashire residents who paid tribute to the staff at the Deepdale store yesterday.

Other locations, including at the Trafford Centre, will continue to trade, but bosses said the move was "necessary" in order to protect the rest of the business, which was bought in a pre-pack deal by Bluegem Capital.

It comes just days after rival Mothercare collapsed earlier in the week.

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Here's what readers had to say:

Oh no these people were really lovely! No really really. They went the whole 9 yards.

Jono Grizy

All staff were amazing and totally went out their way to help.

Sarah Gray

Hardly surprising both them and Mothercare were overpriced compared to online stores. Sorry for the workers tho right before Christmas.

Sarah Newsham

So sad. I worked there for 9 years and loved every day. so many happy times. Staff and customers lovely. Remember every time a person buys on line they deprive a store and staff of vital sales to stay open. SO now you will have to travel further to shop. Preston was one of the bigger stores and had everything, the others are smaller, not all stock in store for the customer to see.

Laura Lee Rehm Winkley

Two expensive shops bite the dust!! Consumers can buy the same quality stuff online. It's a buyers market since Internet shopping.

Judith Taylor

Not much choice but to shop online now

Katie Butterworth

So sad for all who have lost their jobs just before Christmas

Barbara Whalley

Not surprising really. Very sad for the staff losing their jobs just before xmas..feel very sorry for them, but its so overpriced.

Joanne Sanderson