PCW’s Steven Fludder - Hello from Malia, Greece

Yes I have not been in the UK this week and I have been trying to have a break from reality. Being away from my laptop and having limited internet has been a really strange and frustrating time. I locked myself out of my email account as it’s some kind of security measure if it’s accessed from abroad and not the UK. I was not aware I was locked out until I was thinking why nobody was replying to me and I had about thirty messages in my outbox. So I have spent my evenings on pub crawls and other crazy activities but have based my bar selections on if they have free WiFi to keep plugging PCW. Obviously driving the wife crazy who wants me to have a break from it all but I just can’t help it, and really think I have a social media addiction of some form haha.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th September 2014, 12:00 pm
Preston City Wrestling boss Steven Fludder
Preston City Wrestling boss Steven Fludder

This week I started announcing matches for November where PCW welcomes the number two company from America known as Ring Of Honor to Preston and yes the company is American so is known as honor and not honour. I started the announcements with a big surprise that is the semi retired former WCW, ECW and WWE star and multi time champion Lance Storm. To my delight a rush of ticket sales have followed and the weekend where there is four shows in three days are selling really well.

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Speaking of selling well, the next show is September 26th and features Team 3D formerly known as The Dudley Boys. This show is a huge success with only three tickets remaining at the time of writing this. Great news for me to return to the UK too. I also need to go table shopping and I can already see the look of the B&Q staff members face when he asks me “what kind of table are you looking for” and I reply “one that a 20st man can be thrown through without breaking any bones”. The one thing about wrestling that will never change is the looks I get when I ask these questions.