Last Lungs not on last legs...

Last Lungs play a free show at the Mad Ferret on Friday, September 20, supported by Doctrines and Claw The Thin Ice.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 1st September 2013, 6:00 pm
Music review
Music review

Last Lungs return to the live stage after a near two year long hiatus.

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The venue says: “They offer a meticulous merger of glistening beauty and glaring power. It is a sprawling display of melody, mood and superior sonic craftsmanship. Alternating unpredictably between explosive intensity and sparkling serenity, the album whispers and screams, all without words.

“The flawless flow of soaring guitars and storming soundscapes ensures a live show that never fails to deeply move an audience.”

Doctrines (from Manchester) are an exciting four piece post rock band who are signed to Alcopop! Records and impressed at the Mad Ferret last year.