Corrie fans worried over Rita's memory loss

Coronation Street fan favourite Rita Sullivan could be on the brink of a heartbreaking health crisis.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 2:16 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:26 pm
Barbara Knox as Rita Sullivan
Barbara Knox as Rita Sullivan

Fans of the soap fear that Rita (Barbara Knox) could be in line for a dementia storyline as incidences of memory loss begin to creep into her scenes.

Monday night's episodes showed Rita forgetting that she had bought a Little Miss Trouble mug for Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell), later commenting on how perfect it was - only for Gemma to have to remind her that she had given it as a gift.

Next week, viewers will spot Rita's memory failing her again as she struggles to remember what she ate for breakfast that morning.

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But, as Rita manages to hide her worry, her friends fail to notice that anything is wrong.

Fans of the ITV series are already beginning to panic about what may be in store for the character, knowing that her forgetfulness would not be included without reason.

One tweeted: "Please don't tell me Rita is going to get Alzheimer's on @itvcorrie ?! I don't think I could handle it... will be worse than Hayley!"

Another agreed: "Rita forgot she bought Gemma a mug on #Corrie Don't you DARE corrie!!! Don't you Dare do that storyline to Rita!"

Someone else wrote: "Oi! You'd better not be thinking of giving our Rita dementia!"

Knox, 83, first appeared as Rita in 1964 and has played her continuously since 1972.

:: Coronation Street continues on ITV on Wednesday at 7.30pm.