Discharge prove a hit at The Continental in Preston

Discharge hit the stage to a near full capacity crowd at The Continental.

These stalwarts of the Second Generation of UK Hardcore punk opened the set with a collection of early D-beat classics, ranging from Nightmare Continues, A Look at Tomorrow, The End and a blistering version of Ain’t No Feeble B*st**d.

Although the sound on the night was not the very best, the five-piece compensated for this with a high energy, powerful stage performance that had the crowd moving from the very first number.

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The band powered through the setlist, throwing in crowd favourites like Fight Back, Never Again and Decontrol while blasting out a mixture from their latest album Disensitise, which included CCTV and Blood of the Innocent.

Playing heavy, furious riffs, they entertained an appreciative crowd that were in full vocal accompaniment with the shouty choruses.

Despite the sound, musically they were tight and performed with passion as they blasted through their angry political songs.

The new singer, Jeff ‘J.J.’ Janiak, made the most of the stage area covering it back and forth. Not, in my opinion, quite the formidable presence that Kelvin ‘Cal’ Morris was, but he still fronted the band well.

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Discharge proved tonight why they are still at the forefront of their genre, putting in an excellent performance.

Another great gig put on by promoters They Eat Culture at The Continental which seems to be becoming the premiere place to watch alternative acts in our city.