'Abandoned' vehicle causes Fishergate problems

Fishergate pictured last week
Fishergate pictured last week

A car blocking a key route out of Preston city centre caused problems on Sunday.

Police officers were seen on the corners of Mount Street and Fox Street, jotting down vehicle details around noon

Coun Christine Abram contacted the Post to say she had asked the officers what was happening. She said they told her an "abandoned" car on Mount Street was causing problems with drivers trying to exit Fishergate before getting caught on the bus lane cameras.

Coun Abram, who represents Lea ward, said: "It must have been so the drivers aren't fined. Surely they could have just told (the county council) not to fine people around the time of the problem, rather than standing in the pouring rain with a biro?"

No-one at Preston police could be reached for a comment on the matter.

The shared space has been controversial since it was implemented. The Post reported earlier this week how 2,000 motorists had been fined in a week since the bus lane cameras on Fishergate were turned back on and enforced.