It's official: Preston is not pointless

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It was a tough question that got many of the celebrities in a muddle.

Today's Pointless Celebrities on BBC1 posed this question: "Name a UK city with five or more letters in their name".

The question of the evening

The question of the evening

In a special 1970's edition of the quiz, stars such as David Jensen, Les McKeown, Diane Keen, Martin Jarvis, Robin Askwith and Liza Goddard struggled with the question, and suggested answers like Plymouth, Perth, and Norwich.

Patti Boulaye went for Saddleworth, for which she promptly received the maximum 100 points.

But when it came to the answers, our fair city would have been a tasty low-scorer.

Carlisle and Preston scored a lowly 6 points, while the only pointless answers were Lisburn, Salford and Kingston upon Hull.

No one knows more that us Prestonians that our city isn't pointless, but it's nice to have it confirmed by Richard Osman