Test your knowledge in our Big North West Christmas Quiz

Christmas is a time for festive fun and frolics with the family - so have a crack at our Big North West Christmas Quiz.

By Jon Peake
Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 4:21 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 4:30 pm

We've put together 50 questions to tax your intellect to the max with the magnificent prize of a self-administered pat on the back for the winners!

Here we go (answers at the bottom) and no googling!


A scene from Peaky Blinders - but where was it filmed?

1: When did The Big One rollercoaster in Blackpool open?

2: Which celebrity from Wigan and former member of Hear'Say has the initials KM?

3: Where in Lancashire is The Flag Market?

4: What is the population of Chorley (to the nearest 5,000 above or below)?

Tyson Fury takes on his nemesis Deontay Wilder

5: When it opened in 1894 how much did Blackpool Tower cost to construct (to the nearest £100,000)?

6: When did the Trafford Centre in Manchester open?

7: How many Premier League and Championship football teams are there in the North West?

8: How many mountains are there in Lancashire (to the nearest 50)?

The Singing Ringing Tree

9: Who was the Liverpudlian first winner of Big Brother?

10: How many lakes in The Lake District can you name - give yourself a point for each (there are 16).

11: How many miles apart are Preston and Burnley (to the nearest five miles)?

12: How many miles apart are Liverpool and Manchester (to the nearest five miles)?

13: Which famous Lancashire castle is also known as John O' Gaunt's castle?

14: Where in the North West does heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury live?

15: Who did Tyson Fury defeat in his last fight?

16: What separates Blackpool and Lytham St Annes?

17: Where are Uncle Joe's Mintballs made?

18: At the side of which motorway is Botany Bay?

19: Which former UFC champion comes from Clitheroe?

20: What name are the fans of Fleetwood Town FC known by?

21: What are the four main train stations in Central Manchester?

22: Which actor, who lived in Wigan for the majority of his childhood, starred in Lord of The Rings?

23: How many Super League Rugby League teams are there in the North West and can you name them (a point for each)?

24: What is the population of Lancaster (to the nearest 5,000)?

25: What was the University of Bolton Stadium in Horwich first called?

26: In the Ricky Gervais TV show Extras - where was the factory set in When the Whistle Blows?

27: What is the population of Lancashire (to the nearest 10,000)?

28: Where would you find The Singing Ringing Tree?

29: Where would you find The Spitfire Visitor Centre?

30: Where would you find Rossall Point?

31: Is Waddecar Scout Activity Centre in Morecambe, Chorley or Garstang?

32: Which Top Gear presenter and former cricketer from Preston has the initials FF?

33: What is the Blackpool Sand Castle?

34: Which musician lived above a chemist in Wigan before he found fame with The Verve?

35: Where was Liberty X singer Kevin Simm born?

36: Which North West football club has won the most League Titles and how many have they won?

37: What is the name of PNE's stadium?

38: What is the name of Blackpool FC's stadium?

39: When were the Pendle Witches tried and executed for witchcraft (to the nearest 50 years)?

40: Where are you most likely to get your windscreen wiper pulled off by a monkey in the North West?

41: Which team plays at The Totally Wicked Stadium?

42: Where is Yarrow Valley Country Park?

43: Which North West town is the world-famous crooner Rick Astley from - and for a bonus point, what was the name of the band he was in before he found fame as a solo artist?

44: Where is designer, founder of Red or Dead and Northern Soul DJ Wayne Hemingway from?

45: Where in Lancashire were some of the iconic scenes from the TV show Peaky Blinders (Season 5) shot?

46: Where was the National Football Museum originally based?

47: The Forest of Bowland is roughly the same size as which major American city?

48: When did Blackpool Pleasure Beach open?

49: Where would you find Whalley Abbey?

50: What is the population of the North West of England (to the nearest 100,000)?


1: 1994

2: Kym Marsh

3: Preston City Centre

4: 119,500

5: £290,000

6: 1998

7: Six - Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton and Burnley (all Premier League) and Blackburn Rovers (Championship)

8: 412

9: Craig Phillips

10: The 16 are Windermere, Ullswater, Derwentwater, Bassenthwaite Lake, Coniston Water, Haweswater, Thirlmere, Ennerdale Water, Wastwater, Crummock Water, Esthwaite Water, Buttermere, Grasmere, Loweswater, Rydal Water and Brotherswater

11: 25.5 miles

12: 32 miles

13: Lancaster Castle

14: Morecambe

15: Deontay Wilder

16: Blackpool Airport

17: Wigan

18: M61

19: Michael Bisping

20: The Cod Army

21: Piccadilly, Victoria, Oxford Road and Deansgate

22: Sir Ian McKellen

23: Four - Wigan Warriors, St Helens, Warrington Wolves and Salford Red Devils

24: 144,000

25: The Reebok Stadium

26: Wigan

27: 1.5million

28: Burnley

29: Blackpool

30: Fleetwood

31: Garstang

32: Freddie Flintoff

33: An indoor water park

34: Richard Ashcroft

35: Chorley

36: Manchester United have won 20, Liverpool have won 19

37: Deepdale

38: Bloomfield Road

39: 1612

40: Knowsley Safari Park

41: St Helens

42: Chorley

43: Newton-le-Willows. His band was called FBI (he was the drummer and backing singer!)

44: Morecambe

45: Hoghton Tower

46: Preston

47: New York

48: 1896

49: Clitheroe

50: 7.3million

Well done if you got them all! Have a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at JPIMedia