Takeaway review: Buckshaw Fish Bar

Buckshaw Village is a rare place - an entire community sprung from industrial land that has become a magnet for young couples and families settling in new build properties around a central hub, school and supermarket - a gradually burgeoning town that is still in its relative infancy.

Friday, 30th December 2016, 3:32 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:12 pm

This means that most new businesses here have started from scratch and those with the foresight to get in early have either sunk or swum.

Those swimming merrily along appropriately include the Buckshaw Fish Bar, which set up about three years ago and remains the only chippy on Buckshaw - although the fast food provision is improving in the area and becoming gradually more competitive with an Indian restaurant/takeaway and a Dominoes pizza place among the several offerings available within a hop and skip of the Tesco supermarket.

But the Buckshaw Fish Bar does not offer just fish and chips.

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With a captured market to capture in its net, the expansive menu offers everything from kebabs (including doner), Hollands Pies and puddings, jacket potatoes with fillings and a variety of burgers.

There is a kids menu, a value meal menu (fish, chips with curry, beans or gravy for £5 for example) and you can even pick up a breakfast roll or fry-upof a morning - or take advantage of a party ordering service - no trick has been missed.

With family living on Buckshaw, I enrolled them to help witha taste -test.

Between three of us we ordered fish and chips twice, large mushy peas and gravy on the side and one person opted for a chicken kebab and chips.

All in and with an extra portion of chips purchased for potentially peckish children, who should have been in bed, it came to just under £20.

Not a bad haul for the price and it could have been cheaper with a meal deal, but we wanted extra on the side rather on top of our fish.

The fish, which was haddock or cod ( I couldn’t tell which but they make a point or only using sustainable fish from Scottish fishing grounds) was a good size, light and tasty with a crunchy, pleasing batter and the Maris Piper -made chips were also crunchy and passed the grease test.

The kebab, made with tender tandoori chicken breast pieces, was pronounced a winner and certainly vanished quickly.

Thumbs up from me.