Meet the furry friends at Auntie Celia's Cat Sanctuary in Ingol

All the cats and kittens at Auntie Celia's Cat Sanctuary have a story.  Some have special physical needs, some have special psychological needs, some just needed sanctuary.  For all of them the sanctuary is a family, something that some of them never had, a forever home.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 4:48 pm
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 3:13 pm
Celia Dean holding Braveheart


This little girl’s natural mother had some form of infection when she gave birth and Sadie was born without eyes. She can often be seen out in the catio, intently listening to the birds and insects outside. She loves to chase toys, play fight and climb. She often burbles to herself. She loves to snuggle with her doggie friends, Harry and Albert.

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Celia Dean holding Braveheart


This little boy suffers from a condition known as Cerebella Hypoplasia. His Cerebellum, the part of his brain that controls his limb movements, is not fully developed. His natural mum may have had feline parvo virus and may have been under fed. Braveheart can walk and run but he has a stiff, wobbly way and often falls over because his legs don’t quite do what he wants. Regardless, this little boy just carries on enjoying life & loves to chase his friends


Treasure is Braveheart’s sister. She also suffers from Cerebella Hypoplasia. The symptom seem more pronounced than in her brother but she is a feisty, determined little girl who loves cuddles and loves to get up to all sorts of mischief with her brother and friends.



The elderly gent of the Sanctuary, thought to be around 18 years old. He is scarred on the face from an untreated mange type infection when he was young. He was found on the street, limping. He was known to have been homeless for a long time. He came to Celia because it was thought he had a tumour in his bad leg and might not survive beyond a few weeks. It quickly became apparent that the ‘tumour’ was a broken leg that had never received medical treatment. It is thought he had been hit by a car and must have suffered horribly for a long time. His bones are grafted together but his leg was never splinted, so he is crippled and on permanent medication. He was so grateful for the simple pleasures when he arrived - a clean, soft bed, regular good food, and clean drinking water. Now, over two years later, he is starting to get a little old and frail but he likes human company.


As a very young kitten, Lucky was found wandering with a burned, melted foot. Circular cigarette burns were clearly visible on her skin. She was found by a few youngsters who together, walked almost a mile to a vet, to get her emergency care. They took her home but couldn’t keep her beyond the first couple of days. They named her lucky because she was lucky to be found.Now, this little girl has healed, but her foot is still misshaped. She’s happy now and she burbles to herself often as she plays.


Sophie and ShadowBrother and sister. Along with mummy and another sibling, the cat family had been bundled into a heavy duty black bag that was tied up and then they were all thrown in the general waste skip at a recycling centre. This is how Sophie’s tail was broken. It has a pronounced kink now. Fortunately the centre staff heard the cries of mum and babies and all were rescued.

Video taken by Auntie Celia's Cat Sanctuary shows Sadie playing with a ball