Halloween 2021: Manchester makes the top five most haunted locations in the UK - here's why ...

Manchester has been listed as the fifth most spooky city in England, a new study has revealed.

By Jon Peake
Monday, 25th October 2021, 12:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th October 2021, 10:33 am

The research which was carried out by PaulCamper, identified the most haunted places in the UK by analysing a range of spooky factors, including the number of paranormal occurrences, spooky sightings, haunting manifestations and cryptozoology, as well as tales of UFOs, mythic legends, fairies, vampires and poltergeists.

In Manchester there were 55 reports of paranormal activity, of these 43 were haunting manifestations but there were also two UFO sightings, two poltergeists and even a curse reported.

Five spooky sightings from within Manchester:

Manchester has been listed as the fifth most spooky city in England, a new study has revealed.

1. Strangeways Prison, condemned cell, B Wing

This phantom man wearing a dark suit and carrying a briefcase has been reported by staff. If follows, he vanishes near the condemned cell. Some have named him as John Ellis, a former executioner who committed suicide in 1932.

2. Wardley Hall

This building is reported to have had a skull bricked up within its walls, to prevent it from accidentally being removed and condemning the house's occupiers to misfortune or death. The macabre relic is thought to belong to Edward Barlow, a Catholic executed by Protestants in 1640.

3. Brannigans nightclub, Peter's Street

This invisible phantom causes trouble behind the bar, while other staff say that the force has tried to push them down staircases within the building.

4. Picnic Corner, Broadoak Road

The white (or grey) lady is the ghost of a woman who escaped from a nearby castle but drowned in the pond which once stood here. Another story identifies the woman is a Victorian girl. Either way, her ghost could be heard after the sun went down.

5. Private residence, Elsham Gardens, Gorton

A former occupier of this property reported that her son had a female 'friend' named Molly who would wait in his room when they went out. She herself had seen a dark, tall shadow on the landing. Neighbours also told her that the previous occupiers had moved out after encountering the ghost of a young boy.

The analysis found that Brighton is the most haunted place to live in England, followed by York in second and Bristol in third.