Don't let delays ruin your holidays

Don't let airlines ruin your holiday with delayed or cancelled flights '“ find out how to reclaim that lost holiday money and put your mind at ease.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 31st October 2016, 12:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:00 pm
You could be due compensation
You could be due compensation

Every summer, photos appear on the front of newspapers showing disgruntled or upset passengers whose flights have been delayed or cancelled in airports across the UK. Sadly, many people view this as something out of their control.

While flight delays are an unfortunate fact of life, it’s not something holidaymakers should take lying down.

Up until EU legislation was passed in 2004, airlines did not have to answer as to why their planes were delayed. They simply took your money and placed you on a later flight, even if that meant you might miss out on a day’s holiday. There was often very little in the way of an apology.

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Find out if you have a claim

Airlines now have to make amends when a flight has been cancelled or delayed, or if you were denied boarding. However, sometimes a little persuasion is needed in order to get your money back.

To add to this, some airlines are now trying to make it more difficult for passengers to claim back their compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight if the airline believes the reason for the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances, and are charging the passenger a fee of £25 to file a complaint.

But what are extraordinary circumstances?

We chatted to the experts at Flight Claims Hotline, who said: “According to the legislative document, extraordinary circumstances are ‘circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken’.”

Find out if you have a claim

However, they added: “This is not always straightforward and often it needs the firm guidance of an expert to help the airline decide whether a particular cancellation or delay could have been avoided.”

Once you know you have a claim, it’s important to be prepared. Flight Claims Hotline recommends customers know their details before calling an expert to discuss how they will get their money back.

“In the first instance we ask for your name and your number as you will only discuss your claim with our experts. Our experts will call you back within 24 hours or at a time of your choosing and they ask when you flew, where you were going to and from, and who you flew with.

“From this information alone we can determine if you have a claim against your airline. Often we can confirm that a claim on your flight has already gone through and you are guaranteed your compensation.

“Your compensation amount can be up to £545. We do charge a fee for this service but we are upfront from the start about our costs and we will never ask you to send us any money. It’s a very simple process and we are happy to discuss any concerns with you. Our team is extremely approachable and always happy to chat’

For more information about making a claim against a cancelled or delayed flight call Flight Claims Hotline Free from any mobile or land line 0800 161 5274, or click here. Picture from Shutterstock.