Strictly Come Dancing's Joe Sugg says he is no dancer, so who is he?

Joe SuggJoe Sugg
Joe Sugg
Strictly Come Dancing's first YouTube signing, Joe Sugg, has said he is nervous about hitting the dancefloor.

The 26-year-old admitted that many fans of the hit BBC One show will not have a clue who he is.

But the vlogger, the fourth name to be unveiled, has millions of younger followers on YouTube.

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Sugg, the brother of YouTube star Zoella, said he will be happy to don a Cuban heel - but that he cannot dance.

He told the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, presented by Scott Mills: "I'm a big fan of a Cuban heel as I'm not the tallest. So I'm going to really embrace that."

He confessed he is not a great dancer but added: "I have always been drunk!"

And he said: "I'm the most nervous and the most excited I've been for a long, long time."

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He admitted that a "lot of people" might say "Who?" after his name was unveiled, "as I've only popped up in the last six years, on YouTube as well".

But he added: "The YouTube community will be right behind me, hopefully."

"I'm very nervous about it. It's totally out of my comfort zone and I know it will be a huge challenge but that's what life is all about," he said.

He joked that joining Strictly would be like the first day at school and added: "My mum won't be there either to hold my hand!"

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Sugg, who previously worked as a roof thatcher, is known for his challenges and pranks across his three YouTube channels.

- The 26-year-old is the first YouTube star to join Strictly, which will be tapping into a young audience by signing him up.

- He is known for his pranks, impressions and gaming across his three YouTube channels, which have amassed millions of followers.

- Sugg is the brother of another huge YouTube star, Zoella, who vlogs about fashion and beauty.

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- Sugg is a fully-trained roof thatcher and one of his YouTube channels, ThatcherJoe, has more than eight million followers.

- Earlier this year, Sugg met the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. After the couple tried their hand at thatching a roof, Sugg said: "I grew up near Camilla, near one of her houses, and my job was thatching roofs, and she used to walk past with her dogs and say hello, and she remembered that, which was really nice."

- Sugg is also the author of the graphic novel series Username: Evie.

- He told The Guardian of his YouTube viewers: "When I announced I was doing a graphic novel, a lot of them thought it was something sexual and they didn't know what it was. I'd love to say that I've reintroduced this genre to a younger audience."

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- He also wrote, starred in and executive-produced the travelogue specials Joe And Caspar Hit The Road and Hit The Road USA, with best friend Caspar Lee.

- He recently launched a new company to manage emerging digital talent.

- He told the BBC that he once tried his hand at singing but the results were not good, saying: "Nobody heard it, which is great. It's been done and dusted, had a go, decided it's not for me."

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