Our Eric is still a legend

Eric Morecambe would be 90 on May 14 - superfan Dave Miles has written this tribute to his enduring popularity.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13th May 2016, 5:32 pm
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 7:35 pm
Eric Morecambe receiving an honorary degree in literature from Lancaster University in 1979
Eric Morecambe receiving an honorary degree in literature from Lancaster University in 1979

IT is hard to imagine Eric at 90 and wonder what he would do to celebrate his 90th birthday?

My guess would be that he might have visited Morecambe and eaten some shrimps, looked at his statue and had a pint with his cousin Wiggy Threlfall at his old local The New Inn at Poulton Square.

Eric was and still is the cream of comedy. You can’t not smile when you see or hear him, he’s infectious. His brand of humour is still sorely missed.

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Coming from lovely Morecambe which still retains its magic, was it any wonder that this naturally gifted funny man would one day make his mark publicly and end up setting a record viewing figure of 28m people along with his comedy partner Ernie Wise?

Eric was a comic genius, still is. Voted comic of the century. He has never been bettered and never will be.

I can remember the excitement on hearing the familiar Bring Me Sunshine theme, knowing Eric would be walking on. It’s only when researching about his life that I appreciated how much hard work went into him getting to where he was.

There wasn’t any X Factor back then, you didn’t become famous overnight. It was hard graft to make yourself known, more so when you were a northern comic. They reached the top of the ladder and couldn’t have gone any higher and that has to be admired. Don’t just take my word for how great a comic he was. The ultimate accolade was surely the statue of Eric first of all being erected in his memory and secondly and more spectacularly being unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen.

I was there that day and proud to say that because of my lifelong interest and admiration of Eric’s work, I was introduced to Her Majesty.

On the eve of the statue unveiling we organised a show in tribute to Eric, and we could have sold the tickets three times over. A night we shall never forget.

Eric brought a smile to everyone’s face and I hope on his 90th birthday today, you take a moment to remember and smile once again.