Noel Gallagher pours cold water on his brother's hopes of Oasis reforming

Noel Gallagher has claimed his brother acts for his ego and does not care about Oasis fans who he abandoned "25 times in his career".

By The Newsroom
Monday, 17th December 2018, 3:35 pm
Updated Monday, 17th December 2018, 4:43 pm
Happier times: Noel and Liam
Happier times: Noel and Liam

The former driving force in the Manchester band said his brother's calls to reform Oasis, who last performed together in 2009, are self-serving.

Noel said his younger sibling walked off stage numerous times in his career, proving his contempt for their fanbase.

Speaking to Mojo, the singer and guitarist, said: "Liam wants to do it for his ego - he never gave a shit about the fans.

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Happier times: Noel and Liam

"He wouldn't have walked off stage 25 times in his career if he gave a shit about the fans."

Lead singer Liam made a plea on Twitter earlier this year for an Oasis reunion but Noel has not shared his enthusiasm for then plan.

Noel has also spoken about his former drug use, which he says gave him more material than his more sedate lifestyle.

He said: "When you're doing coke, there's always funny stuff to write about. "You're up all night thinking loads of weird shit surrounded by mad people.

You're not going to think any mad shit when you go to bed at 11 o'clock."

The full interview is available in Mojo magazine, out today.