"Here we go again.. the world's gone mad": Your reaction to the BBC snowman row

People were furious at the BBC's reference to snowmen as 'snowpeople'People were furious at the BBC's reference to snowmen as 'snowpeople'
People were furious at the BBC's reference to snowmen as 'snowpeople'
The BBC has come under fire from angry parents after a CBeebies presenter referred to snowmen as '˜snowpeople' during a recent broadcast.

Hot on the heels of our story about shoppers getting upset about the gender of parent car park spaces in Aldi, this story raised the temperature even more.

People were furious at the BBC's reference to snowmen as 'snowpeople', but some of you think we've all gone a bit far.

Here's some of your comments:

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Here we go again. The worlds gone mad. It’s a snowman it will always be a snow man. Some people need to get a life.

Tanya Louise Smith

Sparking outrage for what and how and in what context something is said , well i think we need to get back to basics.We were just fine before all the PC brigade came along on tv and news and social media . Get a life ppl its a snow white person now is that pc enough for them or snow white banned as well

Mike Flynn

The fact people are actually mad about the fact they called them snow people is very ironic

Emma Louise Heaton

It's a snowman always has been why does it suddenly matter.? Far too much me too going on too much outrage people just want publicity.

Pauline Thomas

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IT'S A SNOWMAN FOR GODS SAKE, ALWAYS WILL BE A "SNOWMAN" these idiots are getting on my nerves now.

Denise Pilkington

Snowman snowman snowman snowman snowman

Timothy Ritson

Women will now be saying they are a "Wo"

Joany Positive Oconnor

Not sure 'wanna build a snowperson' fits the lyrics in Disney's frozen

Victoria Cank

So...'man in the moon'? .....Person in the moon next eh?? Oh...what about 3 visually impared mice?....nope ...that doesn't scan either!

Eileen Winterbottom

I think it’s cute. It’s inclusive. Although admittedly not necessary. Snow dog, snowman snowbaby whatever. Why get offended by a term.

Christy Davey

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The thing is , if this is because of feminists , they are not bothered about this. It’s making a mockery of feminism! This is why feminism has a bad name. It is very similar to racism , the people in the spotlight take it too far and it becomes ridiculous and it takes away from the actual issues!

Rowena Orrell

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