Community radio station Chorley FM wins first national gong at UK's Community Radio Awards show

Chorley's premier community radio station has put the town on the map after winning its first national award.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 16th September 2018, 8:06 pm
Updated Monday, 17th September 2018, 3:32 pm
Terry B, who hosts the Radioactive Rock Show, with the award
Terry B, who hosts the Radioactive Rock Show, with the award

Chorley FM was crowned the bronze award winners in the Innovation of the Year category at the national Community Radio Awards

The ceremony on Saturday night gave the 12-year-old broadcaster its first award on its first ever submission with it's 100 Club initiative - getting 100 businesses to donate £100 each to the future of the station - landing it the prize.

Donna Beckett from the station said: "[The category] looks at innovative ideas to improve stations in findings ways to raise awareness and generally just looking within the community to do so.

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"With the 100 Club we needed to raise funds to keep us on air as we don't receive any funding."

As a solicitor and member of the Chorley business community, Donna looked at solving this through the networking she already had.

"I looked to that community to try and raise awareness", she explained, "to try and get 100 businesses to each pledge £100 in return for an on-air advertisement and their logo on our website.

"The idea was my baby but isn't something I do on my own; everything is a team effort."

The name 'Chorley FM' is commonly associated with the fictional radio station in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights. Some six later after it was made a licenced reality after being awarded a five-year licence to broadcast round the clock to the local community.

"We are not just a figment of Peter's Key's imagination," Donna quipped, "and now we are an award winning station. It's brilliant."

To be a part of the 100 Club email Chorley FM at [email protected]