Coleen Nolan says she is 'horrified' by dating as she prepares for divorce

Coleen Nolan has said she is "horrified" at the thought of dating again as she prepares to divorce her husband of 10 years.

The Loose Women host and singer, 53, split from Ray Fensome in February.

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Coleen Nolan set for solo shows

Nolan admitted she was nervous of dating again.

She told the Press Association: "As far as the dating game goes that absolutely horrifies me right now because it's all too new and I can't imagine it, I'm blushing even talking about it. But would I say absolutely not? No. If it happens, how lovely.

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"I mean that will be another new chapter and it would be lovely. I can't imagine it, I never seem to meet anyone anyway."

She said online dating for celebrities is "difficult", adding: "Because you'd go, 'Well they only want to date me because I'm on the telly'. Which again is me being insecure about myself because they might not, they might think I'm really nice. But I would always think that. "

Nolan has two sons- Shane Jr and Jake - with her first husband, the actor Shane Richie, who she divorced in 1999.

She said her divorce from Mr Fensome will be "easier mentally because I know I'll be all right".

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She said: "But am I against marriage? Absolutely not, I loved being married, both times, loved it, absolutely loved it. Will I get married again? Probably not."

Nolan found fame performing with her siblings as The Nolan Sisters. Her older sister, Bernie, died aged 52 in 2013 following a battle with breast cancer.

After announcing her first solo tour on Monday, Nolan said her sister's death made her "question everything" and the tour is a way of getting over her heartbreak.

She added: "I've got a real empowerment and I'm loving my independence, it's the first time I have been on my own, Christ, in a hundred years in every aspect, you know personally and now professionally, and I'm fearful of it, but that fear is giving me excitement to try."

Tickets for Coleen Nolan's 2019 Never Too Late tour are on sale now. The 36-date tour runs from January 11 to February 28, all tickets cost £32.50.

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