Blackpool Pleasure Beach guests 'convinced' they spotted Ed Sheeran riding The Big One and ICON on Airshow weekend

Pleasure Beach guests were star-struck after pop superstar Ed Sheeran appeared to visit the park at the weekend, with the Thinking Out Loud singer mobbed by fans asking for selfies.

Sightings of Ed Sheeran accompanied by his entourage and a number of security officers led to a buzz of excitement and the star was soon mobbed by excited fans requesting selfies and taking videos.

Dressed in white t-shirt and shades, he was reportedly seen enjoying a day out around the park, even receiving VIP treatment as he rode at the front on popular rides The Big One and ICON.

Guests were star-struck as he made his way around the grounds flanked by security, with many fans screaming in shock and surprise as he waved at them and posed for selfies.

But was it really Ed Sheeran?

Sadly, not quite. It was an Ed lookalike that fooled fans, with the Pleasure Beach inviting the singer’s doppelganger for a tour of the world famous amusement park.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Andy Hygate, Operations Director at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said: “We’re lucky to have welcomed many famous faces to Pleasure Beach over the years, and it’s always great to see the guests’ reactions when a star comes to see us.

“We love it when our celebrities are up for the challenge of riding some of our most iconic rides and it was great to see the surprise on waiting guests’ faces in the station when Ed appeared to ride at the front of both ICON and The Big One.”

Below are some snaps taken of 'Ed’s’ doppleganger as he made his way around the Pleasure Beach, met fans and rode rides including The Big One and ICON.