Troublemaker Brodkin’s quality comedy hits Chorley

Simon Brodkin performing in ChorleySimon Brodkin performing in Chorley
Simon Brodkin performing in Chorley
Comedian Simon Brodkin returned to the Chorley Theatre last Friday for a night of laughs as part of his first out-of-character tour.

The man formally known as Lee Nelson, is known for his publicity stunts with the likes of Sepp Blatter, Donald Trump and Theresa May, and his former hit BBC Three show, Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show.

However, he has taken a step away from his sketch-style comedy and returned to the world of stand-up under his real name of Simon Brodkin for his Troublemaker tour.

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Brodkin had previously visited the Chorley Theatre in October, but added an extra date, along with an extra 45 tour shows due to popular demand.

During the early moments of the show, Brodkin showed off the quick wit and interactive style of comedy his audience have come to know him for.

Brodkin loved to involve his audience in his show, ribbing them for their occupation, getting up to go to the toilet and especially to people coming in late.

When performing his stand-up material, the London-born comic would make references to his family. Whether it be on him wanting to become a lorry driver to get his lawyer dad clients, dropping out of medical school to become a “clown,” according to his mother, or forgetting to pick up his kids from school.

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The former Jason Bent character then turned his attention towards his Jewish faith and even declared that after the Donald Trump stunt, David Duke, leading member of the Klu Klux Klan outed him as a Jew. Simon said; “Now, to be honest, I already knew.”

He then spoke on how he managed to perform his stunts and compared the UK security system to the USA. He stated he had to bypass the FBI, CIA, the Secret Service and Trump’s personal body guards in order to get on the golf course in Scotland just to perform the stunt.

But in the UK, in order to give Theresa May her P45, all he had to do was buy a ticket.

Overall, it was a wonderful performance which had the audience in hysterics through the whole night.

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His dark style of comedy may not be for everyone, but if you like quick and quirky jokes about the Royal Family, the Taliban or James Corden, then this is the show for you.

Brodkin will be returning to Lancashire on March 31 at Darwen Library, as part of his extra dates.