The Cat Empire - Rising With The Sun: An album that seems to say that summer is never far way

More than a decade has passed since the sun-kissed party tracks of Two Shoes, but the Melbourne collective can still produce a winning groove.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 2:00 pm
The Cat Empire - Rising With The Sun
The Cat Empire - Rising With The Sun

Their brand of effortless fun shines through on Wolves, which combines upbeat electro with a lolloping bassline.

These riffs suffuse the album's finest tracks, including Bulls, where the ska sound recalls their earlier days, before is reaches a frenetic crescendo.

Blasting Away isn't the only track on the album to call to mind European festivals - perhaps it's the liberal dashes of French, Spanish and Latin-influenced rhythms - but it gives the album title more colour and meaning.

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Many tracks could easily soundtrack an alfresco soiree, while there is a range of emotions at play.

The pounding drums of Eagle fade into Bataclan's poignantly mournful intro, which soon bursts into a vibrant tribute to the Parisian venue which was targeted by terrorists last November. Genres mesh on many tracks.

For instance, on Daggers Drawn, Latin rhythms clash with jazz, while Creature sounds like a Coldplay song written by Graceland-era Paul Simon.

It provides a beautiful conclusion to an album that seems to say that summer is never far way.