Tales from the frozen north

Three of Finland's foremost folk musicians collaborate with a leading UK storyteller to breathe new life into a classic story in Lancaster.
Adverse Cambers production of KalevalaAdverse Cambers production of Kalevala
Adverse Cambers production of Kalevala

Adverse Camber production’s Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland, has its opening night at The Dukes on Thursday (October 6), 7.45pm as part of a seven-date UK tour.

The show is an international collaboration featuring an ensemble of artists including leading UK storyteller, Nick Hennessey and three of Finland’s best folk musicians - Anna-Kaisa Liedes (singer), Kristiina Ilmonen (flutes, percussion, vocals) and Timo Väänänen (kantele – Finland’s national instrument – and pyngyr or Siberian lyre).

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Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland presents poems, songs and stories in a two-hour performance which draws inspiration from Kalevala, Finland’s national epic and cultural treasure, considered equal to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, or the old English Beowulf.

Fire in the North Sky returns Kalevala to its oral roots, as Nick and the musicians create an electric performance from a collection of stories and episodes.

These 2,000 year old stories come alive with a touch of offbeat fun, enchantment and music that moves between dancing flutes, intoxicating rhythms and hauntingly beautiful sung melodies.

Fire in the North Sky: Epic Tales from Finland (Saatuja Sanoja), takes place on Thursday at 7.45pm as part of Litfest.

Tickets are priced £12 / £10 and for more information check The Dukes’ website www.dukes-lancaster.org or call the venue box office on 01524 598500.

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