The Stone Roses tribute band to rock Bamber Bridge

The Ultimate Stone Roses are set to rock Bamber Bridge next week.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 3:31 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd September 2019, 4:31 pm
Bassist Mike Lott and singer Spencer Davies of tribute act The Ultimate Stone Roses, who are heading to Bamber Bridge Football Club for a celebratory gig next week.

The Manchester foursome will play a stellar mix of singalong fan favourites and obscure tracks from English indie rock band The Stones Roses' two officially released albums when they head to Bamber Bridge Football Club on Friday, October 4th. The celebration kicks off at 7pm.

Singer Spencer Davies, who takes on the iconic role of indie frontman Ian Brown, said: "It's exciting to be coming to Bamber Bridge. We've sold out at The New Continental in Preston for two years running and it's a great crowd in that part of the world."

Spencer and his band mates Rick Manning (guitar), Mike Lott (bass) and Steve Maple (drums) are lifelong fans of the Northern legends.

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"I was a teen when their first album came out in 1989 and it was the right age to be a sickening fan," Spencer said.

"I grew up in the provinces of Manchester and all you had were copies of the records. You didn't have 24 hour access to music back then so I slaved over the albums and listened to them all the time.

"I loved the fact they didn't play the press game. There was mystery about them and they helped turn Manchester into an epicentre of art and culture.

"I also loved their psychedelic grooves and how they popularised dance beats in indie. And Ian's lyrics are captivating."

Manchester has always been a treasure trove of inspiration for singer Spencer, who has played the city's club circuit with drummer Steve in their former group The 64. The Ian Brown doppelgänger also performed classics tracks from home-grown acts as part of Manchester Sound and writes and records music at home on Soundcloud.

"When Steve suggested we create a tribute band we all immediately thought of The Stone Roses. It was a no-brainer really," he said.

"We play all the classics like Sally Cinnamon and some obscure tracks too. We try to stay faithful to the records people know and love."

The tribute members have now been riding the festival and club wave together for three years. Their musical career has seen them perform in Greater Manchester to 4,000 people and play a track by DJ, Inspiral Carpets musician and Manchester legend Clint Boon, who joined them on the keyboard.

"It just feels very humbling because I absolutely loved The Stone Roses' music and looked at these people as heroes," Spencer added.

"We bump into them or people connected to the band - I saw the drummer Reni last summer for example - and it's amazing thinking we have a partial connection to them. It's an honour to be a tribute to them."

Playing is an absolute buzz, Spencer added, and the band finds a dedicated and passionate fan base in the Preston area.

"There was a really educated crowd at The New Continental," he added.

"We've found the majority of the audience knows every single song and sings it back to you. The Preston area is a really friendly place and people come up and ask for photos with us at the end of a show. It's great because we know we're not the real Stone Roses and they know too but they still like to take pictures with us.

"Tribute band The Corteeners, who always bring the house down, are our support act next week and when you bring fans of Stone Roses and The Courtneeners together it always makes for a brilliant atmosphere."

For more information about both, visit or search for The Corteeners on Facebook.

Tickets cost £7 and can be bought from Bamber Bridge Football Club or by visiting