Snowpoet - Snowpoet: Not to everyone's taste, but is worth repeated listens

Snowpoet: SnowpoetSnowpoet: Snowpoet
Snowpoet: Snowpoet
Crossing the line between introspective folk music and spoken poetry is London band Snowpoet, a project between six musicians hoping to bring their ambient sound to a wider audience.

While setting poems to music is hardly a new concept, the group manages to incorporate a wealth of influences on this 38-minute, nine-track debut.

Dreamy, layered single Waves sparked media buzz, but there is more than hypnotic chords and quirky effects, while the crackling Gathering is along the same lines.

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Stand-out track Glad To Have Lost takes pointers from Bjork to build a mesmerising combination of beats, vocals and simple piano chords that ebbs and flows like a tide.

Lauren Kinsella’s delivery ranges from early Laura Marling-style folk crooning, to straight reading on Poetry Of Stillness, and soulful jazz on If I Miss A Star.

Surprisingly there are no liner notes, forcing listeners to decipher their own meanings from the questioning, open words, which end with musings on motivations in closer Eviternity.

It won’t suit everyone’s taste, but is worth repeated listens.

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