Picture: Neil CrossPicture: Neil Cross
Picture: Neil Cross

15 pictures as competitors brave the Squid Game at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as The Circus of Horrors arrives in resort

Like many of the millions hooked to the surprise hit Korean TV series Squid Game, I wondered whether I’d be able to win it. Well, I tried – and I did not, Gazette man Charlie Mulholland writes.

Luckily, though, even though the Circus of Horrors has brought the popular Netflix show to life – and made it so the audience can participate – the consequences are a little, well, okay, a LOT less severe.

I visited the Pleasure Beach yesterday to see how the rock show-cum-circus show has adapted Squid Game – transforming its ring into a giant logo from the series – and to be one of around 20 contestants competing for the grand prize.

That wasn’t, sadly, several million pounds like in the programme but free tickets to see one of The Circus of Horrors’ shows, which are running until Sunday.

That, to be fair, isn’t a bad prize considering the cost of failure isn’t being put to death!

The first challenge was to scare a crew member.

Many tried screaming but that rarely worked.

I managed to spook him by showing off my double-jointed thumb and secured a place in the next round.

But I knew I had stiff competition when one plucky contender pulled out a praying mantis – so if you’re wondering what the yells heard across Blackpool were yesterday, that might have been it.

Game two consisted of apple bobbing, the classic Hallowe’en game.

The rules were simple – use your gob to pick up two apples from a vat of water.

The first was easy to get but I ended up eating most of the second, making it harder to grab.

Luckily, though, I managed to qualify for the third and final game – despite getting drenched in the process.

The third and final round sounded easy – but, similar to the TV show and much to my horror – there was a cruel twist.

I had to carve a pumpkin – with just a spoon.

Sadly, this is where my participation came to an end, with my poorly-shaped cyclops failing to impress.

The Circus of Horrors’ ReVamped and Rocking Evening starts at 8pm each night for over-16s, while a family-friendly Addams show suitable for all ages starts from 4pm.

Adult tickets start from £27 while concessions are £22 by clicking here.

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