Seafret - Tell Me It's Real: Mist drifting into port off the sea

Seafret - Tell Me It's RealSeafret - Tell Me It's Real
Seafret - Tell Me It's Real
The ebbing tides, crashing waves and craggy cliff-tops of Seafret's Yorkshire homeland form the bedrock of their debut album.

Tell Me It’s Real is a record deeply rooted in the natural elements and human emotion.

This is fragile, lovelorn folk - fans of Nick Drake and Elliot Smith will find much to like.

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The acoustic duo from Bridlington came to our attention with single Oceans - a beautiful track championed by the likes of Zane Lowe. But the debut album shows that Oceans was no one-off.

Delicate finger-picking weaves around melancholy tales of star-crossed love - told beautifully by Jack Sedman (who’s joined by Harry Draper).

The themes are weighty - still needing someone you can no longer love; life pulling apart a relationship at the seams; the displacement and alienation of leaving your hometown for the bright lights.

Their acoustic sound is spare and stripped back, but at the same time capable of soaring to majestic heights - as though the music is carried upon a tide over which the band has no control.

‘Seafret’ is mist drifting into port off the sea, and the music these two Yorkshire lads create is similarly atmospheric.