Not strumming but humming tricky bits

The HummingbirdsThe Hummingbirds
The Hummingbirds
Lytham Festival first timers Humming Birds love Americana music but aren't big on the '˜intricate music bits'.

“So we just hum,” says Richard Smith, guitarist-backing vocals. “We’re not the most technically gifted musicians!”

Well, it’s worked wonders for Status Quo for decades.

The band play Stage Too at Lytham Festival on Wednesday August 3.

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They released their debut album earlier this year after the success of EP After the Rain and three singles since and begin a two month festival tour in September . Lytham Festival is a taste of things to come.

They have been together around five years but mates for far longer.

The indie band has an Americana acoustic twist - with hums! - and recently had two sell out nights in London and Liverpool before heading on the circuit. They wowed crowds at the Pier Head’s maritime festival.

Lytham’s effectively a local gig for a band going places. “Signing with Absolute Records was the turning point for us - it’s nice to know we’ve got others batting for us now,” adds Michael.

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Merseysiders are nothing if not melodious and the Humming Birds are winning a big following with influences ranging from The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers through Byrds-style Americana to contemporary sounds.

“A lot of good stuff is coming out of Liverpool right now,” adds Michael . “There’s always a bit of rivalry with Manchester but we’re ahead of the game, I think.”

The festival’s a far cry from the basement bar gig they did on an open mic session years ago but it was part of the learning curve for the five piece : Jamie Davies, Michael Kounis, Matty Brougham, Ryan Lewis and Richard Smith.

“Liverpool’s a very musical city and growing up as a teenager there’s a big influence on everyone playing musical instruments and what you hear us play reflects that heritage really,” adds Richard.

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“It’s great that so many are breaking out and making it big - just look at the success of the Wombats.

“Best of all, people are now singing our songs which is the greatest compliment a band can be paid. “Particularly when they’re singing right along with us.” Or humming...

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