Morecambe singer launches his own podcast on YouTube

The Lancashire Lad Podcast is a brand new show designed to interview celebrities, sports stars and the general public who have some great stories to tell.

By Michelle Blade
Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 12:30 pm

Morecambe Music Festival founder Stuart Michaels from Morecambe set the podcast up and has already interviewed celebrities and sports personalities including Ricky Hatton John McGuinness and Ben Haenow.

Stuart said: It’s something I wanted to do for a while. I was watching podcasts and being a compere, singer and entertainer I thought I could probably do one myself.

“I’m quite passionate about Morecambe and the Lancashire area, so I used the name ‘Lancashire Lad’ for my podcast.

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    “As we were in lockdown for some of my podcasts, I have done most of them via Zoom but I prefer to do it in person if I can.

    “I’ve done John McGuinness and Ricky Hatton in person. I always research the guest I’m interviewing.

    “I interviewed John Waite (who sang the song ‘Missing You’), he is originally from Lancaster and after I’d done the interview he said ‘you’ve done your homework’.

    “He was lovely.

    Morecambe Music Festival founder Stuart Michaels has set up his own podcast called 'The Lancashire Lad'.

    “Ricky Hatton, former British professional boxer, rung me because we have a mutual friend and he said did I want to come to Ricky’s gym, and Ricky said ‘sod that come to my house in Hyde’ so that’s what I did. I interviewed him in his games room.

    “I like to interview people that have a good story, either a celebrity or a member of the public.

    “I recently interviewed Ben Haenow, it was really good. That was the first time I’ve spoken to an X Factor winner, he was brilliant.

    “I talked to Ben Haenow about the X Factor and what the judges are really like and he lifted the lid on their private lives and you find out its not as sincere as you think.

    Stuart Michaels with former professional boxer Ricky Hatton.

    “They’ve all been good and they all share the podcast on their social media.

    “I have also done a podcast on the Wealdstone Raider (Gordon Hill), he was the man filmed at a football match heckling opposing supporters of Whitehawk F.C. in March 2013. (The Wealdstone Raider was included in the ‘top memes and viral videos’ of December 2014.)

    “He talked all about the money he had raised for charity.

    “I’d love to try and arrange an interview with Paris and Tyson Fury.

    “I’d also love to interview Robbie Williams and Connor McGregor.

    “I want to interview a wide variety of people of all different creeds and colours.

    “It’s something I’m very passionate about.

    “I’m hoping to build my podcast into a huge youtube channel.

    “I’ve already gone past 700 subscribers in four months.

    “I’ve recorded 2000 hours of watch time, which are quite good stats, and I have quite a few good followers who look forward to the episodes.

    “I want to try and increase that to a wider audience.

    “I’m happy to speak to anyone with a good story.

    “The Ricky Hatton podcast goes live tomorrow (Friday) so if people can support me and subscribe to my youtube channel that would be great.”

    To view Stuart’s podcast, go to YouTube and search ‘The Lancashire Lad podcast’. If you subscribe you will receive notifications of new podcasts and posts.