Marton singer puts charts on High Alert

These days, releasing a single can be a very quick process.

Monday, 3rd April 2017, 11:14 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:22 pm
Nancy Langton

Since the emergence of digital downloads, any Tom, Dick or Harry can record a song and put it online within a day.

But Marton singer Nancy Langton’s new single ‘High Alert’ has been literally years in the making.

“I haven’t written the song myself,” she told The Gazette.

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“It’s been passed down from a major label for me to put the vocals on but that was a few years ago.

“Recently they got in touch with us and give us the go ahead. It’s great honestly. The fact that they actually must have thought of me from so long ago and brought it back up, it’s an honour to do.”

As well as mastering and releasing the single, Nancy has also been writing an album for Tom Bleasby, who became a viral sensation in 2015 when he sang a virtual duet with Jessie J.

She said: “We’re with the same record label - Ostereo - and they asked me to start writing some music for him.

“The first single he’s released is called ‘Movin’ On’ and that’s actually the first song I ever wrote, when I was about 14, so it’s a big honour for him to do that.

“He’s even called his concert ‘Movin’ On’, which shocked me and we’re working on writing his full album together now.”

Nancy comes from a Romany gypsy family and has been performing since she was five years old.

It’s a tradition for Romany gypsies to learn the accordion at a young age and this was her introduction to music, performing in front of 6,000 at the Grand Theatre alongside her two sisters, her brother and her cousin.

She laughed: “I bribed my mother because I said that I didn’t feel well.

“And she said ‘if you do this, I will buy you a rabbit.’ It was the Joe Longthorne show and I called the rabbit Joe Longthorne!
“After that show, he invited us to do the full two-week set with him, which was good for me at that age.”

But has the accordion made its way into her own music?

She added: “I actually wrote a song called ‘Karma’ not so long ago and I persuaded my manager to let me put a bit of accordion on there.”

‘High Alert’ is out now and is available to download on iTunes.