Katie Price wants your questions.. really.

Ahead of her appearance in Preston on Friday, Katie Price has taken to Twitter so see what you all really want to know.
Questions please: Katie PriceQuestions please: Katie Price
Questions please: Katie Price

The show will, no doubt, feature heavily on her husbands, kids and marriages, but what are the burning issues about the TV presenter, reality star, model and pop singer that keep you awake at night?

We reported on the forthcoming tour here.

With over 2 million followers, she has received a lot of interest. Whether it's wise to ask social media an open question on anything isn't for us to say, but you can just imagine the response the post is getting.

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@John57011266 asks "What is the capital of Thiland?" (T, obviously), and @Park_Fiction wants to know "Have you ever replaced the clutch on a 1994 VW Polo?".

@Draconacticus enquires "When will the DFS sale end?", while @shunka9 channelled Alan Partridge and was desperate to know "Who invented the skip?".

"How much custard powder would it take to turn the world's oceans into custard?" asks @cjh431986, like she'll know that custard comes from powder, and @VeloMonster posed the ultimate question: "Is there no beginning to your talents?"

It was never going to go well, but maybe she'll answer these questions and more when she launches her UK tour at the Charter Theatre in Preston on Friday.