Joe's new show aims to be a gift from Bog

Funnyman Joe Pasquale is preparing for his show at VivaFunnyman Joe Pasquale is preparing for his show at Viva
Funnyman Joe Pasquale is preparing for his show at Viva
Why is an orange called an orange when a carrot is more orange than an orange?

It’s questions like this that give an insight into the wonderful mind of Joe Pasquale. “It’s one of those things that’s a quandary, I lay at night thinking about it,” the comedian laughs.

It’s fair to say that Pasquale is a veteran of the comedy circuit and he brings his latest show ‘One Man and his Bog’ to Viva Blackpool on Thursday, September 1.

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Explaining the interesting name for the show, the 54-year-old comic says: “It’s called one man and his bog because it’s me on my bog. I sit on a toilet with a little electric motor on it, it does 17mph and has brakes on it.

“I don’t know how big the venue is, so I don’t know how fast I’ll be going on it.”

He adds: “It’s also called one man because it’s just me, there’s no support acts. It’s me at the beginning, me in the middle and me at the end.

“Nobody really wants to see a support act, so I thought I’d do it myself and it just means you can take your time and enjoy yourself for a couple of hours.”

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Joe Pasquale is from Grays in Essex and has performed up and down the country, including an incredible five appearances at the Royal Variety, however a show in Blackpool is almost like a homecoming to him. He says: “I’ve been coming to Blackpool for the best part of 30 years so it’s a bit like coming home for me. I love Blackpool.

“I’ve not done this place before [Viva], I’ve done the Opera House, I’ve done the Grand many times. I started my career in the 80s up in Blackpool so I did all the hotels like the Viking.

“Just being in Blackpool is a great atmosphere, it’s the home of variety in Britain.”

It’s hard to believe that it’s 12 years since Pasqual was crowned ‘King of the Jungle’. He acknowledges that his appearance on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ brought him to the attention of a younger audience and it’s with this in mind that he made the show suitable for the whole family,. He said: “We get people in from five to 95, but if you look like your passport photo, you’re too ill to travel!”

Tickets are priced between £18.50 and £22.50 for adults, with children’s tickets costing £6.50.

For tickets call on 01253 297297 or book online at