Goo-goo baby talk over Gaga tribute

Emma Wright has been receiving praise for her Lady Gaga tributeEmma Wright has been receiving praise for her Lady Gaga tribute
Emma Wright has been receiving praise for her Lady Gaga tribute
Not a lot of people know this but Lady Gaga is expecting a baby.

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the headline news – the Lady Gaga in question is local singing star Leanne Fury, whose tribute to the Poker Face chart topper has been turning heads and winning plaudits in the award winning Trevor Chance’s Legends At The Sands show in Blackpool.

Regulars to the show will know Leanne is also a featured vocalist in her own right helping out the likes of Elton John and Meatloaf tributes.

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But this year the hard working all-rounder is taking a break from performing to have a baby, due in September, with Legends director and her partner of nine years, Richard Chance. After an extensive search for someone to step into Lady G’s distinctive shoes the spotlight is set to shine on fellow Fylde coast favourite Emma Wright.

“Trevor Chance’s Legends shows have long used more than one of any given character,” says Richard. “The show tours and takes cruise contracts throughout the year so an extra Elton John and a few extra Freddie Mercuries have always been an essential ingredient to keep the huge business of tribute ticking over.

“The bar is high. The look, voice, costume and general attitude all play a major part in earning a coveted place in the cast.

“Because of Lady Gaga’s ever changing image – and wide ranging vocals - finding someone who can capture the essence of her performance poses an extra challenge. It also helps that the Ladies Gaga have become firm friends during the show’s rehearsal period.”

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Lytham-based Emma, who grew up in South Shore, is no stranger to Lady Gaga – having appeared as her on Harry Hill’s Stars In Their Eyes series last year, winning her heat and touring her tribute across the country. She has also proved a hit with a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

A former Fylde’s Got Talent winner and X Factor Boot Camp selectee Emma is now hoping that just like the real Lady Gaga she is standing on the Edge of Glory. Trevor Chance’s Legends At The Sands opens tomorrow and runs until October 29. For dates and cast details see the Gazette’s nightly what’s on listings.