Game review: Tennis In The Face

Tennis in your faceTennis in your face
Tennis in your face
What a name for a game!

Indie game developer 10tons brings us a delightful little gem for iOS devices Tennis in the Face, which stars the player as a fallen professional tennis player hooked on fictional drug named Explodz, which destroyed your rise to stardom and now killer clowns are trying to steal it from you and police are trying to arrest you. It’s up to you to stop them all using your tennis racket and tennis skills, firing the tennis ball at them gaining points, crowns and medals. The story is bizarre but enjoyable and the Explodz addiction is constantly reminded throughout the game due to enemies’ quotes.

Tennis in the Face is a nice pick up and play game with loads of levels, the enemies are set out differently each time and get marginally tougher. The aim of the game is to take out all enemies on screen using fewer serves as possible, it’s easy to compare this with the hugely successful Angry Birds as the game mechanics are virtually the same. Tennis in the Face is a delight to play and highly addictive and trying to take out all enemies on screen using one serve is quite a challenge, but it’s doable and doing so wins you a crown for that level and more crowns equal medals.

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Tennis in the Face looks fun with its humorous cartoony art style, the player’s avatar looks menacing thanks to his Explodz addiction and the killer clowns and police look very funny. Headshots gain extra points with the word headshot displaying upon impact which makes them very satisfying to pull off. The ball follows a trajectory guided by the player’s finger and it then continues on its path until it stops, later on in the game, obstacles like glass panes and toolboxes are placed which will make life difficult as well as helping taking out enemies in one fell swoop.


Here we have a light hearted simple game that oozes addictiveness and with hundreds of levels, it will be hard to put down. iPad, iPod touch and iPhone users will get the same experience, it just looks better on iPad due to its bigger screen. 10tons have created a great game that players will want to proceed through until the end.

Tennis In The Face

Developers: 10tons

Publishers: 10tons



Genre: mobile

Release Date: 19th February 2013

Story – 3/5

Graphics – 4/5

Gameplay – 4/5

Overall – 4/5

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