Fairytale dream role for Blackpool actress Vinani Mwazanzale as Amazon Prime release new musical movie Cinderella with Camila Cabello

Amazon’s new Cinderella movie really was a dream come true for resort actress Vinani Mwazanzale.

Vinani Mwazanzale was cast in the Kay Cannon-directed film Cinderella after auditioning by self tape in 2019.
Vinani Mwazanzale was cast in the Kay Cannon-directed film Cinderella after auditioning by self tape in 2019.

Not only did the young star get transformed into a real life princess for her appearance in the dazzling musical alongside pop sensation Camila Cabello, she also filmed her scenes in the heart of her hometown at the Tower Ballroom.

The 23-year-old Urdang Theatre School graduate, who teaches at the resort’s Scream Theatre School, said: “I really couldn’t believe it when I got the call, not just to get this part but to find out I’d actually be filming at home.

“It was a ‘wow’ moment.”

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    Vinani, from Poulton, who started dancing at the age of two, had submitted a self-taped audition to have the chance of joining the casting of the Kay Cannon-directed movie, which premiered on streaming platform Amazon Prime last week.

    She was scouted by Blackpool talent agent Jess Bell for Scream Management and moved to the adult agency Red Door Talent after her three years studying musical theatre at the prestigious Urdang School in London.

    Her other film credits include Disney’s live action film remake of Aladdin, which was released in 2019.

    Vinani added: “To be part of Cinderella was just amazing – I was credited as Princess Vinani.

    On set in Blackpool Tower Ballroom for new musical movie Cinderella

    “I had to go and record my vocals for the singing part and that’s where I met Kay for the first time.

    She is epic and was coaching me in the booth and just so hands-on and constantly running around the set.

    “I met Camila; Nick, who played Prince Robert. We wrapped the ballroom scene in March 2020 and then filming was suspended because of Covid.

    “But the nice thing was we had to go back to Pinewood Studios for some wrap up scenes at the start of the year, which meant I was on set for the very last day of the shoot. That was really special.”

    Vinani Mwazanzale on the right played Princess Vinani in the fairytale movie

    Vinani has a few new projects in the pipeline but after moving back from London to Blackpool has started teaching at Scream Theatre School in Wareham Road.

    “It’s been lovely to be back but also now teaching alongside the other talent.

    “It’s coming full circle in a way and makes me realise all the more why I love doing what I do.”

    Scream are currently on the search for fresh new talent - please call 01253 309060 or Email: [email protected]