Camelot Rises: Prices, times, film listings and more as new zombie 'experience' and drive-in horror cinema comes to Chorley

The former Camelot theme park site in Charnock Richard will welcome thrill-seekers back through its gates for the first time in 10 years when a terrifying new 'zombie experience' and drive-in cinema opens next month - this is everything we know so far...

By Matthew Calderbank
Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 8:37 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 8:38 am

What is it?

The scare attraction, Camelot Rises, will see thrill-seekers park up in the derelict grounds of the former Camelot theme park to watch horror movies on large outdoor screens from the comfort of their cars.

After the movie, guests can follow a guided route around the Camelot site for a "fully immersive, interactive zombie experience", as a 'zombie apocalypse' breaks out in the once-thriving family theme park.

After the drive-in horror movie, guests will drive around the eerie abandoned theme park - now overrun by zombies - for a "fully immersive, interactive zombie experience". Pic credit: Park N Party/Camelot Rises

As they navigate their way through military checkpoints and nightmarish scenes, guests will encounter actors posing as 'zombies' lurking in the shadows and witness gory battles between soldiers and the undead.

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When does it open?

The fright nights are advertised to take place throughout February and March, with the first event taking place on Saturday, February 5, with screenings of The Crazies (2010) and A Quiet Place (2018).

Work has been taking place at the former Camelot Theme Park to transform some of the remaining buildings into spooky sets for the Camelot Rises 'zombie experience'

How much does it cost?

It costs £50 per car, inclusive of booking fee.

What is included in a ‘ticket’?

One £50 ticket will grant one car access to a single film screening. Please note screenshots of tickets will not be accepted.

Guests will find Camelot in the midst of a zombie apocalypse as you navigate your way through military checkpoints and nightmarish scenes, with the undead lurking in the shadows. Pic credit: Park N Party/Camelot Rises

How many shows are there per day?

The number of showings per day ranges from 1 to 3, depending on the date – which can be found in the schedule below.

When should you arrive?

Guests are advised to arrive at the screenings at least 45 minutes to 1 hour early – this will give people enough time to get comfortable before the movie starts.

Guests will be able to drive around the eerie park for a "fully immersive, interactive zombie experience". Pic credit: Park N Party/Camelot Rises

How you will watch the movies at the drive-in?

You can view the film on 3 large screens. The audio will be played through a frequency on your car radio, most likely an FM frequency. A working car radio is essential to enjoy the movie.

What films are showing?

The Crazies: February 5, 5:30pm

A Quiet Place: February 5, 9pm

The Hills Have Eyes: February 6, 5:30pm

Camelot's iconic castle-themed entrance and most of its buildings were demolished last year. Pic: Martin Pratt

A Quiet Place 2: February 6, 9pm

Insidious: February 10, 9pm

28 Weeks Later: February 11, 18 and 26, 5:30pm and 9pm

Annabelle Comes Home: February 12, 5:30pm

The Unborn: February 12, 9pm

Wyrmwood Road of the Dead: February 13, 9pm

Get Out: February 17, 5:30pm

I Am Legend: February 19, 5:30pm

The Cured: February 19, 9pm

Insidious 2: February 20, 5:30pm

The Ring: February 20, 9pm

28 Days Later: February 24, 9pm

Evil Dead (2013): February 25, 9pm

REC: February 13, 5:30pm, February 26, 9pm

Little Monsters: February 27, 5:30pm

The Night Eats the World: February 27, 9pm

Train to Busan: March 3, 9pm

It Comes at Night: March 4, 9pm

The Girl With All the Gifts: March 5, 5:30pm

Night of the Living Dead: March 5, 9pm

The Strangers: March 6, 5:30pm

REC 2: March 6, 9pm

What is the refund policy?

All tickets for the events are non-refundable. Organisers say, they can offer a swap to another event within 12 months in the unlikely event that your screening is cancelled/postponed.

What about Coronavirus?

Those running the event have a number of safeguarding procedures in place. There will be toilets on-site, all of which will only allow one person in at a time. They will be regularly cleaned and hand sanitiser will be readily available across the site.

What happen in the Camelot Rises 'zombie experience'?

Park N Party says Camelot Rises will be "an experience not to be missed", but warns that its not for the faint of heart.

"This is Camelot, but not as you know it," teased the firm as it released a video trailer for the upcoming attraction on its Facebook page.

"Something deadly has destroyed the legendary world of Camelot…now overrun by zombies hungry for human flesh.

"As the army struggles to keep control of the area, it’s time to see if you can survive this gruesome night of post-apocalyptic horror.

"Prepare to have a torch flashed in your eyes one minute, before being bombarded by a mob of flesh eating zombies the next. Do what the soldiers tell you, or face being the undead’s next meal.

"You will come across both military personnel and petrifying zombies, fighting for supremacy over the once glorious Kingdom of Camelot.

"As the legendary castle sits derelict, you’ll experience all of the sights, sounds and sensations that put you right in the middle of an apocalyptic event.

"Prepare for sirens, smoke, mangled bodies and, of course, hoards of the living dead coming for you and your loved ones!

"You will be able to see some of the greatest – and most terrifying – zombie films ever made, all on our state-of-the-art big screen and from the comfort of your own car. If the walking dead don’t drag you out of it first…

"To top it all off, Camelot Rises comes complete with a fully licensed bar and food vendor, offering food & drink far tastier than the brains sprawled over the floor at every turn."

What does Chorley Council say about Camelot Rises?

Councillor Alistair Morwood, Executive Member for Chorley Council (Planning and Development): "We’ve been in contact with the event organisers over the last month and they have applied to license the event which will go through the usual processes prior to approval."

But yesterday (Monday, January 7), a Manchester-based events company, Park N Party, announced they will be bringing a horror-themed drive-in cinema and 'immersive zombie experience' to the site.

What does Camelot's land owners Story Homes say about the new attraction?

We approached Story Homes for a comment on the latest use of the former Camelot Theme Park site, but they said "we aren’t able to comment on your query at this time."

Speaking to the Lancashire Post in December 2020, the property developer told the paper it was "still considering its options for the site".

A spokesman said: "Following the closure of the attraction more than eight years ago, demolition of a number of unstable structures at the former Camelot theme park site has been completed.

"Following planning refusal in 2018, Story Homes is still considering its options for this site."

Why did Camelot Theme Park shut down and what has happened to it since?

The closure of the park was announced by its operator, Knights Leisure, on November 4, 2012, with the company blaming poor summer weather and big events such as London 2012 and the Diamond Jubilee for declining visitor numbers.

The park was left abandoned for nearly a decade before its remaining rides were finally dismantled in December 2020.

In its eerily derelict state, the park attracted 'urban explorers' who ventured into the grounds to explore its crumbling buildings and rusting rides.

But last February, demolition crews moved onto the site and razed most of its decaying buildings, including its iconic castle-themed entrance.

Land owner Story Homes has repeatedly sought permission to build hundreds of houses on the 140-acre site, but all planning applications have been rejected by Chorley Council.

After its most recent bid to build homes was rejected in 2018, the theme park's future remained uncertain, with Story Homes keeping tight-lipped about its long-term plans for the site.