DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

Demon hunter Dante is one of the video games industry’s better known personalities. His shoot first ask questions later traits and cocky attitude make him a cut above the rest. Developer Ninja Theory’s take on this video game icon split the original fan base. He was younger, cockier and....different. Me? I loved him; he quickly became one of my favourite video game characters ever. In Ninja Theory and Capcom’s revamp of the Devil May Cry series simply named DmC: Devil May Cry, this new Dante and his brother Vergil join forces to take down the evil Mundus while Mundus hunts Dante and drags him in and out of Limbo, an otherworldly dimension where demons reside.

Thursday, 12th March 2015, 10:13 am

The levels in DMC have personality too. In Limbo, the environment is your main enemy as it constantly changes giving DMC a platformy feel whilst the abundance of enemies keeps our feet firmly on the ground with DMC’s excellent combat. It flows like a urinating dog. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long before Dante is fully kitted out. With Dante’s arsenal of his sword Rebellion, his guns Ebony and Ivory, Arbiter his huge demonic axe and Osiris an angelic scythe, Dante can form intricate combos to take down all demon comers. In this Definitive version, the action is silky smooth at 60 fps and never lets up and if it’s still not enough, there is a new option to speed up the action. DMC’s pacing is spot on as new enemies are constantly getting introduced and the story moves along at a good pace which helps keep your attention.

Slaying demons and search every nook and cranny reaps its own rewards. Red orbs act as DMC’s currency and white orbs go towards Dante’s upgrade meter which when filled can upgrade his abilities which make the stylish action even more stylish. This definitive edition gets rid of the different kinds of keys you find in favour of just regular keys which open up all secret doors making things simpler.

The graphical upgrade means DMC looks amazing on PS4. More so in Limbo as there is so much to see like the beginning fairground part in which a huge Ferris wheel unhinges and rolls away while giving Dante his iconic jacket. It all looks outstanding as does enemies and character models. A little bit iffy however is the lighting. There is a lot of glare in places which is distracting but it’s not significant enough to ruin the fantastic visuals and those boss fights are exhilarating. Match these awesome visuals with the unique personalities of smart arse Dante, humbled stick up the backside Vergil and evil dictator Mundus and we have one of the coolest action titles around today (No I haven’t forgotten it is a remaster).

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    New features in this version is the aforementioned “Turbo” mode, “Hard-core” mode which changes the whole workings of the game making things more challenging, a manual target lock system and all DLC such as Bloody Palace survival mode now with Vergil as a playable character and Vergil’s side story as well as all skins.


    Prettier and stacks of style!

    This new Dante is one of gaming’s finest protagonists.

    Silky smooth fast paced action.

    Bags of personality in characters and environment.

    All DLC included makes the Definitive version the complete package.


    Occasionally overbearing glare.

    Sometimes sound falls out of sync during cut scenes.

    Lots of loading although they have shortened in length.


    The Definitive edition of Devil May Cry is the full package. It is one of the best action titles around with hordes of personality to back it up. The ramped up graphics and smooth 60fps gameplay makes DMC one of the best action experiences available while cut scenes seamlessly integrate into the action. If you haven’t played DMC the first time around and even if you have, this is a must buy!

    Developer: Ninja Theory

    Publisher: Capcom

    Formats: PS4/Xbox One/PC