Derren Brown Showman arrives at Blackpool Opera House tomorrow night and he has has a special request for guests

Master of control and illusion Derren Brown made a special request for those who will be going to watch his new show Showman at the Opera House this weekend.

By Nicola Jaques
Thursday, 30th September 2021, 3:50 pm
Derren Brown at Blackpool Opera House with Showman
Derren Brown at Blackpool Opera House with Showman

Audience members are being invited to bring a personal item of sentimental value, small enough it can be hidden in the hands.

Derren said he hoped people would choose objects that had “something of a story behind them”.

Of the new show, his first in six years, Derren said: “All I can reveal at this point is that the show will ultimately be about you, the audience member, because that’s what I find most interesting.

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“When it’s live you might be involved, the person next to you might be involved. You’re seeing every aspect of the process so theatre just immediately is a lot more involving and it has it’s place there on stage.

“So firstly I really do try and make the show about the audience – that’s a big thing for me.

“It’s not about me looking clever. It’s about the audience and their experience because that’s where it happens.

“My sort of toolkit, if you like, is the experience of the audience, the story they’re telling themselves, their ongoing experience.

“That’s why it’s the crowd involved and not just those on stage and that’s important.”

The content of Showman remains a closely-guarded secret but for any fans who have seen him before, Derren added they were in for another treat.

“I’m excited to get to Blackpool. There are places I’d like to take you where we haven’t been before. I always aim to have it deliver more than you’d expect.

The show arrives in Blackpool for two nights Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2

Tickets from £21.50 are still available.