Dallas legend jetting into Blackpool Grand Theatre for exciting new thriller

Patrick Duffy, aka Bobby Ewing, and Homeland star Linda Purl will jet in from the USA to star alongside Gray O’Brien (Coronation Street, Peak Practice) for an exciting new production of the classic Broadway thriller Catch Me If You Can at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre from Monday 7 to Saturday March 12.
Patrick DuffyPatrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy

Inspector Levine is called to a house in the remote Catskill mountains to investigate the disappearance of newly married Elizabeth Corban. But when Elizabeth suddenly turns up, her husband seems surprised - and accuses her of being an imposter! This is only the beginning of a truly baffling train of events, in which nothing is what it seems and no-one is as they appear…

Duffy is known to audiences around the world for his 12 years in the pivotal role of Bobby Ewing in the classic TV drama Dallas, and as Mark Harris in the Man From Atlantis, and will star alongside his real-life partner Linda Purl - whose numerous screen roles include Fonzie’s girlfriend Ashley in Happy Days and Elizabeth Gaines in Homeland. The two stars met after chatting online during the pandemic and fell in love! It’s a Hollywood match made in heaven!

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The TV power couple are joined by Gray O’Brien (Weatherfield’s villainous businessman Tony Gordon in Coronation Street, Peak Practice) and Ben Nealon who played Captain Jeremy Forsythe in ITV’s award-winning series Soldier Soldier.

Catch Me If You Can is adapted from Robert Thomas’s famous French play Trap for a Lonely Man, which has inspired three successful screenplays and will grip audiences with its many thrilling twists and turns. Will they lead to a murderous conclusion?

Please call the Box Office on 01253 290190 or visit www.BlackpoolGrand.co.uk for full listings, bookings and further information.

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