Concert at Arnside sailing club

In 1984, Nicky Snell arrived in Lancaster (via Manchester) and fell in love with the city, with its fresh air, its castle and its eventful town square.

The concert is at Arnside Sailing Club.
The concert is at Arnside Sailing Club.

She has lived here ever since.

At first, she stayed in the Primrose area of the city with a husband and baby son and quickly discovered the “fairyland” that is Williamson’s Park, which has stunning views over the lakes, rocky outcrops of its own, beautiful big mature trees and hilly walkways.

Some years later, while driving her son to Quernmore School, she noticed something different about the landscape over Caton Moor – a new group of wind turbines.

She wasn’t sure what she thought about them to begin with. Now Quernmore School even has its own turbine!

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    Both the park and the wind turbines feature in songs that Nicky will be singing when she nips across the county border to Arnside Sailing Club on Wednesday, August 25, and puts on a performance for all to enjoy, with a support act by her son on piano.

    Nicky has been writing and singing her songs to guitar and occasional piano accompaniment for the last 50 years.

    She also knocks out a couple of tunes on the recorder and sings other traditional and composed songs from far and near, funny and serious.

    This should be an entertaining early evening show – starting at 6.30 pm, tickets cost £6, hopefully to the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset.

    Arnside’s historic Sailing Club goes back to 1852 and is now situated in the Old Custom’s House on the Promenade.

    It is an accessible and affordable facility, which gives the chance to many, young and old, to enjoy the benefits of sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle-boating – so you might like to investigate this when you come to Nicky’s concert.

    The trains run regularly in the day and evening, so you could visit by train or car just for the show, or better still, spend the afternoon in picturesque Arnside, have tea there and mosey down to the Sailing Club for an entertaining end to a lovely day.

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