Chorley FM taken off the air with studio and equipment 'out of bounds'

Chorley FMChorley FM
Chorley FM
Mystery surrounds a popular community radio station which has been taken off the air and the door locks reportedly changed.

Chorley FM has been taken off air with the studio and equipment out of bounds.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday, August 1, Managing Director of the station, Stuart Clutton, said: “With immediate effect and until further notice there will be no live broadcasts permitted.

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“The studio and equipment is now out of bounds and only authorised people have access.

"Please do not enter the studio and utilise any equipment as this may be deemed as unauthorised usage.

“Access to the studio or any use of facilities at Chorley FM, including equipment, is withdrawn until further notice. Further updates will be issued.”

One person formerly connected to the station, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “It’s so upsetting. Everyone has put in a huge amount of work.

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"Volunteers have put in hours and hours of work. They’d get in at 6am, pre-record shows for the week, and spend evenings putting new music on the system.

"It’s soul destroying to see this happen.”

They added that in late July a number of volunteers had left the station because “they had had enough” of how the station was being run.

Sooner after that they said the locks were changed and that volunteers that wanted to remain were not allowed to carry on with their shows.

“It’s on its last legs now,” they added.

Mr Clutton has been contacted for further clarification on the future of Chorley FM.

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