Blackpool band The Senton Bombs are back with the Supersuckers

Bishpam band The Senton BombsBishpam band The Senton Bombs
Bishpam band The Senton Bombs
The lads in The Senton Bombs are knocking on a bit now - in terms of being involved with the local music in Blackpool anyway.

But they haven't let that stop them. They've simply evolved from their fledgling start as a punk infected rock 'n' roll band to their current form which has a little dash of everything mixed in.

Lead singer Joey explains: "We're into our 16th year which seems slightly unbelievable.

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"We started out as teenagers and it's just one of these things that every time we thought 'oh well we'll wind it down and do something else' it started to pick up momentum.

"You know, we've had several record deals, some really good gigs with some big bands that we love which has kind of kept us interested over the years.

"In the last couple of years we're probably doing less live dates cos we've got young families now.

"We're working on our sixth album at the moment which we're hoping to release later this year. So on the back of that we'll be arranging some kind of tour. But as it stands we've just got a couple of gigs lined up and we're working hard in the studio to get that done."

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Making their debut as the Terrorists in the summer of 2004 they made an immediate impact on the local scene and word spread about their style, as well as their unpredictable and riotous live performances. Though this has now mellowed somewhat (the music, not the performances). Joey continued: "It's somewhat of a hybrid now.

The Senton Bombs live in stage. Picture by Mark EllisThe Senton Bombs live in stage. Picture by Mark Ellis
The Senton Bombs live in stage. Picture by Mark Ellis

"We started out as mainly punk and punk rock and roll. So all the songs were fast tempo and it was very much coming from the kind of 70s UK punk and 90s US punk styles.

"But again, as you get older, I suppose your tastes change and we've all developed into different things.

"We've always been into metal. We're into country music, we're into all sorts. So some of the songs now, in the live set, there's a mix.

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"There's still the old punk and roll stuff, but there's some southern rock, heavy southern rock influence stuff.

"And then some stuff that you'll probably hear it and go oh there's a bit of that, a bit of this, a bit of everything in it.

"It's just been one of those things, we try not to limit ourselves and say we're a metal band or a rock band or whatever.

"We just throw whatever into the cauldron and whatever comes out we say that's one of our songs. And everybody is pretty open with that.

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"So more recently we've got really into a band called the Drive-By Truckers from America, who do a lot of southern rock, country rock stuff.

"And the band we're playing with next month, called the Supersuckers, who are probably the closest band to the kind of stuff we do.

"It was one of those were people said you sound like a band and we'd not heard them because they're not super well known, even though I feel like they should be, and then subsequently we started listening to them and they became our collective favourite band - the one we all agree on that we all love this band.

"And then next month we're supported them for the third time, so you know, it's nice that we've got into these bands as we've gone along and then getting the opportunity to play with them, you just don't expect it. But it's nice when it comes along."

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So with this more mature take on music, what should audiences expect from the boys on the night?

"What to expect from us - well if anyone listens to our Spotify or iTunes or anything like that - there is that mix that I alluded to earlier. Different styles, but it's high octane, it's loud. And you can sing along, and you can dance around if you want to, or if you just want to grab a beer and watch it, hopefully we'll do the job and entertain you.

"And then from the Supersuckers, for me, they're a classic kind of rock band. It's fast, there's hooks throughout it and the set, even though they'll play over an hour, will just fly by because it's great song after great song. It'll be a brilliant night, no doubt."

The Waterloo Bar in Blackpool play host to The Senton Bombs and Supersuckers on Tuesday, February 11. Tickets are £10 in advance or £13 on the door, available online via or from the venue.

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