Amazing sound of Hacienda set for Green

For anyone who can't quite get their head round the idea of the Hacienda Classical night at Lytham Festival, DJ Graeme Park has the answer.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 12:22 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:04 pm
Hacienda Classical comes to Lytham Festival

Thursday night’s show brings together the classical musicians from Manchester Camerata orchestra with the dance anthems made famous by Graeme and his DJ colleagues at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda club.

Graeme explained that House music was essentially electronic disco, and disco music was always written with strings and other orchestral instruments in mind.

He said: “The music translates really well. Those guys who came up with the House sound in Chicago really knew what they were doing when they wrote and arranged those tunes.

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“The string parts were translated onto synthesisers and they tried to make them sound like real strings. The drum patterns were like real drums. That’s what made House sound they way it does. So we have taken what they did and scored it for a classical orchestra and it sounds amazing.”

He said Black Box’s Ride On Time was a highlight with a real piano taking that famous funky riff and vocalist Yvonne Shelton reproducing the sampled vocals.

New Order’s Blue Monday too, with Peter Hook part of the show, it had to be played he said, was another he was looking forward too, as was Derrick May’s 1987 old school House classic Strings Of Life.

“As a DJ it’s different for me. Instead of cranking up the turntables and making it up as I go along, there is a score that the orchestra follow and a conductor and I have to make sure I follow the conductor and get the electronic elements all firing at the right time.

“I do have the chance to be spontaneous, we are still DJs after all, and we have our bits, samples and effects, that we can ad lib and make things different every time.

“People should be prepared to have a good time. What started as a bit of a crazy idea mixing an orchestra with House music for just two shows has really taken off. We are now up to about 11.”