Alec Benjamin heads out on tour with Lewis Capaldi

US singer songwriter Alec Benjamin is supported Lewis CapaldiUS singer songwriter Alec Benjamin is supported Lewis Capaldi
US singer songwriter Alec Benjamin is supported Lewis Capaldi | other
Hands up, who among us can casually drop into conversation that they texted Lewis Capaldi? No? Me neither. But US singer songwriter Alec Benjamin did just that. He casually admits he texted Lewis Capaldi, asking if he could tour with him...

"I heard that he was going out on the road and then I just texted him and was like 'hey, can I come with you?' and he said yes," he laughs.

Alec Benjamin is no slouch in the music world himself though. He is an American singer and songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona and has gained popularity from his pop indie songs which depict descriptive stories from his own personal experiences. And he recently surpassed a landmark 1.5bn streams across the globe.

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With fans in Billie Eilish, Bryson Tiller, and childhood idol John Meyer, Alex has recently returned from his first ever world tour. Spanning more than 30 dates, it saw him take in an extensive run of shows across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, where BTS member Jimin sparked a worldwide trending moment on Twitter after uploading a photo with Alec at his show in Seoul.

But the singer is back home in the US for now and has just released his latest single Demons - the first to be released from his highly-anticipated debut album.

"It's a new song that I made and it's about a time when I felt like I didn't sort of remember why I got started making music in the first place. And to me that was a little bit scary because making music is one of my favourite things to do.

"So it was a song I wrote, I try to be honest, but it's an emotion that I've never really felt before and so it's a song that is about that feeling," he said.

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The single marks the first taste of what fans can expect from his debut artist album.

Alec Benjamin has just released his latest single DemonsAlec Benjamin has just released his latest single Demons
Alec Benjamin has just released his latest single Demons | other

Alec explains: "The album is coming out in April. And the album is all of a similar theme in that I'm talking about a lot of the emotions that I've experienced over the past eight to 12 months and I guess, it's sort of a wide range of topics that I'm talking about on the album, but I guess the one thing that unites all the songs is like that it's my perspective on all of those things.

"The album is called These Two Windows and the windows - they have a lyric in the song that says 'I've got these windows and I call them my eyes' and so it's about like my perspective. Kinda like, you know, I'm sitting inside my head, looking out of my two eyes, which are the windows, just getting sort of like my perspective on what I've been going through the last like 12 months."

As already proven from his sold out London shows at both Shepherd's Bush Empire and Electric Ballroom last year, Alec is already a big star in his own right. So how does he feel about supporting someone like Lewis Capaldi?

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He says: "I don't think about that. I don't really feel that way. Maybe one day.

"I feel pretty excited about it because he's really cool. And he's a funny guy and it's cool to get to open for someone and play for someone else's audience.

"But it's even cooler when, you know, you are a fan of the person you're opening for and I think, in this case I definitely am. And a couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to hang out with him and he's just like such a really, like sweet person.

"So I think that made it even more exciting just to find out he's actually like, you know, what he appears to be on the internet. So that's really exciting."

Alec Benjamin joins Lewis Capaldi when he embarks on a UK arena tour next month, calling in at the 02 Apollo in Manchester on March 2 and 3. Tickets are sold out.