Lancashire holidaymakers: Here's where to go to make the most out of the weather across Europe

Lancashire holidaymakers seeking sunshine on their European vacation this summer often want to know the best and worst countries to visit based on weather patterns.

Travel experts have researched the best and worst times to visit the ten most popular European countries for Britons currently planning their holidays.

Most of us are looking to jet away somewhere sunny and hot - destinations like Greece and Portugal are perfect summer holidays for sun seekers, with long daylight hours and highs of 30 degrees.

James Cole, founder of Panache Cruises said: “I think it’s essential to know what kind of weather each country has before planning your trip away.

“You may just think you’re landing in a sunny country like Spain or Greece where the temperature is going to be pleasantly warm. But extreme heat often comes unexpectedly across Europe and is significantly hotter than it often is in Britain, meaning the weather can easily ruin or even cancel your holiday."

These are the best and worst times to visit Europe ...