Land grab latest: 'Shedload of bother' for firm reclaiming gardens in Preston

Workmen carrying out a controversial land grab on six back gardens in Preston have been warned they could be facing a “shedload” of trouble.

Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 5:00 pm
Pam Unsworth's back garden in Cottam with the red line showing where the new fence will be.
Pam Unsworth's back garden in Cottam with the red line showing where the new fence will be.

Mum-of-two Pam Unsworth has threatened to call in the police if contractors try to move her garden shed to snatch back almost three metres of land.

Developers Wainhomes have begun moving fencing which they say was put in the wrong place when the three pairs of semis in Harvester Drive, Cottam were built last year.

Shocked residents have been told they are powerless to prevent their gardens being shortened.

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Workmen moving fencing at the back of homes in Harvester Drive.

But Pam is adamant she will involve the police if anyone lays a hand on her eight-foot shed which is full of toys and gardening equipment.

“I’ve made it perfectly clear to the workmen that if they lay a finger on any of my stuff I’ll be straight on the phone to the police,” she told the Post. “To put it bluntly, they’ll be in a shedload of bother.

“I’ve spent about £3,000 on the garden since we moved in and, if we’ve got to give back the land, I want reimbursing for the work that’s been done.”

Workmen moved in on Tuesday and began to re-align the fencing at the bottom of the gardens.

But two of the six will require additional work, with Pam’s shed in the way at one end of the block and expensive decking causing a problem at Carley Crook’s house at the other end.

Carley said: “We spent £2,000 on decking and £600 on turfing the rest. I’ve asked Wainhomes to pay for it to be re-laid, but they have just told us to get an estimate and they will ‘discuss’ it with us.”

Wainhomes have apologised for the disruption, but say the fencing was erected in the wrong place last year.