"Sirloins are best used 24 hours after the injury": Lancaster City player's physio prank goes viral

Lancaster City prankster Rob WilsonLancaster City prankster Rob Wilson
Lancaster City prankster Rob Wilson
When a Lancaster City player sent a text message to the club's physio he thought he was going to get the usual advice on how to manage his ankle injury ahead of Saturday's game.

But unfortunately for Tom Preston the youngster had the wrong number.

Team-mate Rob Wilson picked up the request for help and rather than point him in the direction of physio Neil Coomber he decided to play a prank that has now gone viral.

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The midfielder changed the name and picture on his WhatsApp profile and rather than the usual advice of putting a bag of ice on the swollen area, Wilson suggested a piece of steak.

Tom Preston shared a picture of his unorthodox treatmentTom Preston shared a picture of his unorthodox treatment
Tom Preston shared a picture of his unorthodox treatment

Yes, you read that right.

Preston, 18, questioned the move but Wilson put forward a counter argument that his younger team-mate fell for.

“Peas and ice are best used as soon as the injury occurs,” said Wilson.

“Sirloins are best used 24 hours after the injury.”

Despite not having one in the house, Preston’s father was dispatched to buy the meat, Wilson’s next recommendation was then to cook it, medium-rare of course, and add salt and pepper.

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It was at that point that Preston realised he was the butt of a dressing room gag.

The joke was shared on social media by Dolly Blues defender and recent caretaker manager Craig Stanley.

It has been retweeted more than 4,000 times on Twitter and tennis star Andy Murray was amongst those to like the post on Instagram.

Maybe the unorthodox treatment worked, Preston fit enough to make the Dolly Blues bench for their 1-0 defeat at Witton Albion.