Mak's record may stand test of time

Leyland captain David Makinson will be surprised if anybody breaks his bowling record.
David MakinsonDavid Makinson
David Makinson

The veteran seamer created history on bank holiday Monday when he became the Northern Cricket League’s leading wicket-taker of all time.

His dismissal of Lancaster batsman Ben Simm at Lune Road saw him surpass former Blackpool bowler David Higham’s 14-year-old record of 1,348 wickets.

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Having taken nearly 40 years to climb to the top of the list, Makinson believes his mark will stand for a long time – if not forever – especially as he is likely to extend it by some margin over the next few years.

“I will be very surprised if anybody beats it to be honest,” said the 56-year-old, who plans to carry on playing for as long as he can.

“Not many people spend that length of time playing – they tend to finish a bit earlier and also players tend to swap leagues a bit more nowadays.

“It’s taken me nearly 40 years – I had four years out when I was at Lancashire – so I will be surprised if anybody beats it.

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“There is nobody playing now who has a 1,000 wickets and even if they were to get to a 1,000, they will still have to get another 350 just to draw level, which is another seven or eight good years of taking wickets.

“I doubt it will ever be broken. I plan to carry on playing after this year. As long as I am worth a place in the side – which I think I just about am – I will carry on playing.”

Makinson has been aware of the possibility of breaking Higham’s record for the past two or three seasons.

“I knew what David Higham’s record was and I think at the start of last season I needed about 50 wickets,” he said.

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“I got 30 last year so I needed about 20 this year, but then I broke my thumb and I was out for six weeks.

“Then when I came back I did not get a wicket, so I was thinking it might not come this year.”

Makinson revealed he has not been in touch with Higham since breaking the record, but believes the former record holder will be in attendance for Leyland’s cup final clash against Barrow at Fox Lane on Sunday.

“I played against David for many years,” Makinson added. “If you look it’s taken us about the same amount of time to get this number of wickets.

“He started in 1966 and finished in 2003. I started playing in 1978.”