Lancashire’s Steven Croft looking to the future

In normal circumstances, Steven Croft would have just completed the first County Championship game of the season with Lancashire, in his 16th campaign as a professional cricketer.
Blackpool-born Steven CroftBlackpool-born Steven Croft
Blackpool-born Steven Croft

Instead, with sport shut down across the country for the time being due to the pandemic, the 35-year-old finds himself with time to fill.

It is just as well then that, on the cricket side of things, Croft is working towards his level four ECB coaching qualifications – the highest badge he can earn.

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He also has two children, aged four, and five months, and is therefore thankful to be able to spend more time at home with his family at a time when the cricket season would normally kick off.

He said: “It’s nice to wake up at home every day and have a routine like most people.

“I’ve been just trying to stay busy really, we’ve been doing the Joe Wicks routines as a family in the morning and then making the most of our one walk a day, and just doing things to keep the children happy and active.

“I’ve been doing a bit of DIY myself and a bit of my level four portfolio for my last coaching badge, so I’m trying to keep as busy as possible really. I’m just disappointed not to be playing cricket, but there are much more important things going on in the world.”

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Lancashire had planned trips to South Africa and Dubai to cover their 2020 pre-season schedule, although both were cancelled once the coronavirus pandemic began.

The Red Rose squad had already spent time down in India, however, before the crisis, and Croft feels that had the season started as normal, they would have been in top shape.

“I think we had a great winter training and the lads are at a good level,” he said.

“We had a great trip to India just before this stuff happened and we played one game out there without playing a game for five or six months, and we did really well.

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“I think we’re all prepped up really and I don’t think there will be any questions marks physically, we’ve all been keeping on top of that.

“Some people might be a little bit rusty having not hit balls but some lads like myself probably only need a few hits to get back, and some might hit hundreds of balls.

“When you’ve done it for quite a while the technical side is almost ingrained in you really, and It’s just about getting back up to speed mentally and preparing you for games that way.”