Jayne has cause to celebrate martial arts success

Preston martial artist Jayne Emmington is celebrating being awarded a fourth Dan Yoshinkan aikido.
Jayne EmmingtonJayne Emmington
Jayne Emmington

She has also has been awarded the instructors’ certificate, which recognizes her as a teacher of the art and gives her the ability to award rank to the level of second Dan.

As a result, she is now the highest-ranking Yoshinkan aikido female in northern England.

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For Emmington it is the culmination of a path which began when she started training in 2006.

“The atmosphere and support was brilliant and I decided to start training,” she said.

“I attended as many classes as I could and after two years was given the opportunity to train full time and to help out teaching the children’s 

Shobukai Aikido Preston on Fylde Road will run a beginners course in January. For details go to their Facebook page or via the website: www.aikidoshobukaipreston.co.uk